Course description

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) program provides students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in managing HR data and technology. The curriculum covers HRIS fundamentals, system design and implementation, data management, and HR analytics. Students learn to utilize HRIS software for tasks such as payroll, recruitment, performance management, and compliance. The program also emphasizes the strategic use of HR data to improve decision-making and organizational efficiency. Graduates are equipped to handle HR technology solutions, enhance HR operations, and support data-driven HR practices in various organizational settings.

What will i learn?

  • Proficiency in managing and utilizing HRIS software
  • Skills in HR data management and analytics
  • Ability to design and implement HRIS systems
  • Enhanced HR operations and efficiency


  • HRM prior knowledge
  • HRM prior experience
  • Graduation
  • English language knowledge

Rajiv Chowdhuri

Professor Rajiv Choudhary is a distinguished scholar and educator specializing in the field of management. With extensive experience and expertise, he has made significant contributions to the understanding and practice of management principles in both academic and corporate settings. Possessing advanced degrees in management from renowned institutions, Professor Choudhary brings a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical insights to his work. His research interests span various areas within management, including strategic management, organizational behavior, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Throughout his career, Professor Choudhary has published numerous scholarly articles and books that have advanced the discourse in management theory and practice. His research is known for its rigor and relevance, offering valuable insights into contemporary challenges facing organizations and managers. In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Professor Choudhary is committed to excellence in teaching and mentorship. As a faculty member at a prestigious business school, he is known for his engaging teaching style, innovative pedagogical approaches, and dedication to student success. Professor Choudhary is also actively engaged in consulting and executive education, working closely with organizations to address strategic challenges and develop leadership capabilities. His expertise is sought after by corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations seeking to enhance their management practices and achieve their strategic objectives. Overall, Professor Rajiv Choudhary's contributions to the field of management have had a profound impact on both academia and industry, shaping the way we understand and practice management in today's dynamic and competitive environment.

IMSR Professor





Skill level


Expiry period

36 Months



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