Course description

A Diploma in Business Administration provides fundamental knowledge and skills in various aspects of business management. It typically covers subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, and business communication. Students learn about organizational structures, strategic planning, decision-making processes, and leadership principles. The program often emphasizes practical applications, preparing graduates for entry-level positions in a wide range of industries or for further education in business-related fields.

What will i learn?

  • Mastery of key business principles
  • Improved problem-solving and critical thinking abilities
  • Enhanced communication and teamwork skills
  • Readiness for entry-level roles in diverse industries
  • Potential for career advancement
  • Adaptability to dynamic business environments


  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • English Language knowledge
  • Internet

Frequently asked question

Students, professionals, beginners in the field Management

Student can complete the program on same day provided read study material and pass online examination.

Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive a digital certificate, which can be easily downloaded.

Please register and pay the requisite fee to enroll

Fee once paid is non refundable and non transferable

Please call us on 9819120140 or send an email at


IMSR Professor

I am a visionary leader with a passion for education and a relentless drive to empower individuals to reach their full potential in the dynamic world of management. With over two decades of experience in academia and business, I brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my role as the Director of the Indian Management School & Research Centre.







Skill level


Expiry period

36 Months



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