Course description

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctorate that focuses on advanced business practices, leadership, and applied research. It prepares executives and senior managers to tackle complex business challenges through evidence-based decision-making, strategic thinking, and innovative solutions, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

What will i learn?

  • Advanced Leadership Skills: Develop strategic leadership and management abilities to lead organizations effectively.
  • Strategic Thinking: Enhance strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities to drive organizational success.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Foster innovation and creative solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Improve communication skills for effectively conveying complex ideas to diverse stakeholders.
  • Professional Networking: Build a robust professional network with peers, faculty, and industry leaders.
  • Ethical Leadership: Develop an understanding of ethical considerations and social responsibility in business practices.


  • Master Degree
  • Managerial Experience

Dr. Niranjan Karmakar

Dr. Niranjan is a renowned Professor of Finance, specializing in corporate finance and investment management. With a Ph.D. from a prestigious university, Dr. Niranjan brings over two decades of experience in academia and industry.

Their research focuses on financial markets, risk assessment, and sustainable investment strategies. Dr. Niranjan is recognized for their insightful contributions to scholarly journals and conferences. Committed to mentorship, they have guided numerous Ph.D. candidates to success, fostering a new generation of finance professionals. Dr. Niranjan's dedication to excellence in research and teaching has earned them widespread respect in the academic community.





Skill level


Expiry period

36 Months



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